What readers have said:

In response to a March 2007 blog on John and Elizabeth Edwards’ ordeal with breast cancer:

Thank you, Michael. That was quite a gift.
~ Elizabeth Edwards, 3/31/07

More eloquently put than anything else I’ve read. Thank you.
~ Edrie I, 3/30/07

Other accolades:

I have a box in the garage with many yellowed clippings of your old Union Tribune pieces. I really enjoyed them. Your columns were my substitute for addictive New Yorker reading when I moved from the East Coast.
~ Kristen Aliotti, 9/30/05

I agree with you that sex is wasted on the young. Here's to changing the world... Yours is a great piece. Thanks.
~ John Rippo, publisher, ESPRESSO, San Diego's Coffeehouse & Cafe Newspaper, 2/9/06

Love your writing and have for years. So glad you are happily married to a gal with a great first name. Thanks for reminding us what is important in life. It is the little pleasures.
~ Karen Nelson 1/13/06

You came through this year, Santa. An unexpected present fell from the computer onto my lap. Family discomfort, (we don't like to say pain), is a given at events around holidays like Christmas. Your column was like the first snowfall I remember from childhood: sweet, soft, and silent, beautiful and powerful, a memory etched in the memory bank forever. Thank you. I will pass it on and see if anyone recognizes him or herself, including me. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
~ Sandy Lippe 12/22/05

"Watchdog Role" was an excellent and insightful piece. I couldn't agree more with your point that the public isn't always responsive to...or even interested in...what's happening to them through their elected government. We need leaders (at all levels,) who understand the compelling need to restore a sense of community to this society, an understanding that we are all in this leaky boat together ... Thanks for taking the time to present your thoughts in print. Every little bit helps.
~ Lee Crawford, 9/29/05

Michael - just read your column - I look for it every Thursday with anticipation. It makes me think and usually makes me smile.
~ Elisa S. Parker, Assistant Director of Development UCSD, 9/1/05